Yellow Calcite, Large, 1 piece

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Calcite is a common, soft mineral, that can have many colours (for example white, blue, green, yellow or clear). Calcite can often be fluorescent, its crystals can have many shapes.

Yellow Calcite is often also called orange, honey or golden Calcite. It is a beautiful variety by many used for decorating their homes and making altars.

Yellow Calcite is also widely used in crystal healing practices, its most popular uses are:

  • energy cleanser: kept in a room, it will cleanse it from all negative energy, replacing it with positive
  • motivation, memory and intelligence booster
  • emotional stabilizer
  • digestive system and skin healer
  • will simulator and guide
  • the door to the higher mind and relaxation for meditation.

Our lovely yellow Calcite comes from Mexico. It has a many hues of yellow, ranging from almost white to dark yellow-orange. It is a natural product that comes in different shapes and sizes, but you will receive 1 piece measuring between 10 and 14cm (3.93 to 5.51 inch). Your specimen will weigh between 320 and 380g. The size is perfect for displaying, collection and home & office decor. Some pieces may have some matrix left over, some display some banding or patterns, while other are more subtle. All stones are equally beautiful!

You are buying 1 piece of LARGE Golden Calcite.