Water Dragon Incense Cones. A perfect natural scent for your home. These incense cones have a Patchouli fragrance.

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A pack of Water Dragon Patchouli incense cones that are exclusively designed by the fantasy artist Anne Stokes and are a part of The Age of Dragons range of incense cones.

These incense cones have a Patchouli fragrance.

Patchouli is a species of flowering plants often seen as an aromatic compound for making Incense. The plant isn't always used directly. Instead, the oil from it is extracted and used with a combination of other aromatic compounds like essential and fragrant oils for its fragrance - giving off a sweet, earthy and musky scent.

Each pack contains 15 incense cones and a metal burning plate to burn your rock dragon incense cones on.

Made by hand in India using top quality resins and oils.

These packs of cones have lovely and exclusive designed packaging, that will make an excellent gift. 

Pack Weight 37g, Height approx. 13cm. 


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