Vesuvianite / Vassonite / Idocrase sphere

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Vesuvianite is also known as Vassonite or Idocrase. 

This crystal will give you insight into who you really are, will help you find the right path. It is a little grounding crystal that feels sharp- it gives you an instant feeling of movement and shift. It is also quite refreshing, certaintly touches intuition and spirituality. It is one of my favourite crystals recently, because of all the above, but also because it gives instant focus and boost of energy. 

If you are new to crystals, I would recommend starting with this one slowly, since it is strong and might feel a little overwhelming at the beginning. First place it near you and try not to touch it too much. Only after some time, whenever you feel comfortable, start carrying it around with you a little more. One thing sure- once you become friends, it will be friendship forever, so do not be afraid!

234g, 5cm/2inch, free stand. 

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