Tourmalinated Quartz Aura Sphere. A healing crystal for grounding, protection, and balance.

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Tourmalinted Quartz Aura Sphere. 

Weight 420g, Length 66.8mm. 

Healing properties:

Tourmalinated Quartz has the combined properties of both Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline ♥ Black Tourmaline is cleansing and grounding, clearing the user and their surrounding area of any negativity ♥ The two crystals work amazingly well together, with the Clear Quartz acting as the energy amplifier enhancing the powerful protective ability of the Black Tourmaline ♥ Filters out negative energy ♥ Psychic protection ♥ Brings healing and balance to the auric fields ♥ Protective crystal for healing rooms.

Physical / Psychological: Brings healing and balance to the body ♦ Facilitates clear thinking thus helping those with ADD and other concentration difficulties ♦ Healing and regeneration of the nervous system.

Chakra: All (Quartz), Crown, Root.

Good for: Healers, those who feel negativity attacks, anyone who feels “down on their luck”. Those with ADD and ADHD.

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