Small Amethyst crystals, Amethyst chips for crafts, 120g

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Lovely, raw Amethyst crystals/chips that can be used for so many different things, including:

  • jewelry making, for example wire wrapping
  • crafts
  • crystal grids
  • home decoration (window sills, flower pots etc)
  • mineral collection
  • crystal healing
  • and lots, lots more!... :)

These stones measure from 1 to 3cm, but because you are buying this product in bulk, please expect a few smaller of bigger pieces too.

Most crystals are of irregular shape, with no tips. They have been washed naturally with water only, no chemicals used for cleaning. Some crystals may have some brown iron staining therefore. This is a natural part of the crystal.

You will receive 120g of random Amethyst chips.