Shaman's Stone (Garden Quartz) Lenses from Brazil. Enhance and strengthen psychic abilities. 1 piece.

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Shaman's Stone (Garden Quartz) Lenses from Brazil.

A - Weight 160g, Length 54.6mm

B - Weight 81g, Length 57mm

C - Weight 58g, Length 48.2mm

Garden Quartz - Healing properties:

Spiritual / Emotional:

A wonderful crystal to carry with you when you are starting new things, going on a journey, or just growing and changing as a person ♥ Has been thought to help one connect with past lives ♥ Enhances and strengthens psychic abilities ♥ Increases faith, courage, strength and development of the self and the soul.

Good for: Student’s graduating or starting school, getting married, travellers, travel agents.

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