Semi-polished Labradorite slab, 1 piece

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Pick from three sizes of these amazing Labradorite semi-polished slabs. Each and every crystal is very flashy, and each one is different. You will receive one intuitively chosen crystal.

The colour of your crystal could be anything from yellow, green, blue, purple and orange, to a mix of these in varied proportions. So much prettier in reality than in the photos (they are flashy at different angles, in the photos we can only show you one).

Labradorite is a wonderful protective crystal guarding you from negative energy. Wonderful crystal to have at work to protect you from energy vampires, unfriendly co-workers, any negative influences and similar. Labradorite is a crystal boosting focus, imagination and creativity

If you`d prefer a certain colour, just send us a message with your order, and we will send you the one you`d like if still available

Sizes vary from 5cm to 13cm. 

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