Rose Quartz Silver Plated Heart Pendant. The stone of love and peace. 1 piece.

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Rose Quartz Silver Plated Heart Pendant. Comes with black chain. 1 piece.

Available in 3 sizes:

Small - Weight 2-4g, Length 14.8-15.7mm. 

Medium - Weight 6g, Length 20.4mm. 

Large - Weight 18g, Length 29.9mm. 

Rose Quartz - properties:

Spiritual / Emotional: Emotional healing ♥ Strength and stability ♥ Dispels fear ♥ Forgiveness ♥ Eradicates guilt and jealousy ♥ Helps to reduce stress or tension ♥ Good for relationships in general ♥ Coping with grief ♥ Connecting with Christ Consciousness - Divine Love ♥ Spiritual love ♥ Unconditional love.

Physical / Psychological: Menstrual cramps and menstruation ♦ Alzheimer’s disease ♦ Dementia ♦ Bruising ♦ Burns ♦ Cough ♦ Lungs ♦ Emphysema ♦ Eating disorders ♦ Fatigue ♦ Headache and migraine relief ♦ Shingles ♦ Skin Infections and Irritations.

Chakra: Heart.

Good for: Grieving people, those trying to stop smoking, people suffering from anxiety and stress.

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