Red Jasper DT crystal wand from county Kerry in Ireland

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Top quality polish, beautiful colour (dark red mixed with brighter areas) and the unique Irish origin make this Jasper crystal wand an exceptional piece to add to your collection! For all the Irish souls and hearts living far away from the land, it is going to be a special piece of Ireland that you`ll be able to carry with you anywhere you go. For crystal healers, this wand will be bursting with energy: handed by only two people so far (Monika the collector and Sohaib the lapidary master), both full of positive vibes and loving crystals. You will adore this little crystal- guaranteed!


Size (L): 4.4cm/1.7inch.

Jasper comes from: Coleen beach, county Kerry, Ireland.

Polished by: Sohaib Karim.

Coin for scale.