Red Jasper and white Quartz wand with Hematite from Ireland

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This wand is indeed very interesting- it is half-half red Jasper and white Quartz with some minor Hematite inclusions that you will be able to see as silvery-grey small veins. The red has two main shades: it is either very bright, like blood, or dark, almost brown. The colour of Quartz is white, through creamy to yellow. Very unique colour composition make this wand a real beauty.

This little stone can be used for healing, meditation, for mineral collection, or as a home decor or souvenir from Ireland.

The Jasper comes from Colleen Beach in Dingle, county Kerry, Ireland. Collected in 2017, polished with great care in 2018 by our Lapidary Master Sohaib Karim.

Length: 5.6cm/2.20inch.

Coin for scale.