Raw Tourmalinated Quartz. A healing stone for grounding, protection, and balance. 1 piece.

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Raw Tourmalinated Quartz. A healing stone for grounding, protection, and balance. 1 piece. 

Weight 142-198g, Length 69.4-75.9mm. 

Tourmalinated Quartz has the combined properties of both Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline.
Black Tourmaline is cleansing and grounding clearing one and the surrounding area of any negativity. The Clear Quartz is the energy amplifier enhancing the powerful negative blocking ability of Black Tourmaline. The two work well together – the Quartz amplifies the Black Tourmaline’s cleansing energies ♥ filter out negative energy ♥ psychic protection ♥ brings healing and balance to the auric fields ♥ protective crystal for healing rooms.

Brings healing and balance to the body ♦ facilitates clear thinking thus helping those with ADD and other concentration issues ♦ healing and regeneration of the nervous system.

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