Raw Moonstone (All with flash!) The Divine Feminine Crystal. Helps to balance the hormones and emotions.

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Raw Moonstone Crystal Cluster (All with flash)

The classic crystal that can cover all bases when it comes to pregnancy is Moonstone. If you could only get one crystal to use all throughout your pregnancy, make it this one ♥ the Divine Feminine crystal and works with the moon ♥ works within the cycles and influences the shifting energies which occur through fertility, conception, pregnancy, to childbirth ♥ helps with fluid retention  ♥  balancing hormones, emotions, and periods of vulnerability ♥ Moonstone brings good fortune and harmony ♥ and it gives physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual support when you think about the family that you are starting.

Toxin elimination ♦ good digestion ♦ skin care ♦ hair condition ♦useful for boosting fertility and strengthening one’s body for pregnancy and childbirth ♦ It also prepares your body for breastfeeding


A: Weight: 199g / Length: 7.4cm

B: Weight: 170g / Length: 8.5cm

C: Weight: 173g / Length: 7.0cm

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