Raw Chrysocolla with Siderite. Beautiful mineral specimen. Stone of tranquillity and joy!

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Raw Chrysocolla with Siderite,

A very collectable green-blue mineral specimen, with an earthy waxy luster.

Stone of tranquillity and joy ♥ Helps draw off negative energy of all kinds ♥ Invokes great inner strength ♥ Improves communication and opens psychic vision ♥ Encourages self-awareness and inner balance.

Treats arthritis & osteoporosis ♦ Blood disorders ♦ Lung problems ♦ Detoxifies liver & kidneys ♦ Supports the pancreas ♦ Alleviates muscle cramps ♦ Helps heal infection ♦ PMS and menstrual cramps

Length: 10.4cm
Weight: 510g

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