Raw Black Onyx, Large, 1 piece

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Onyx is a hard variety of Chalcedony. Unlike Agate, it is defined by solid black colour sometimes combined with straight, not curved, white lines. Onyx may have porous structure as is formed by the deposition of silica in gas cavities in lava. 

Onyx was an important and popular material in the ancient times, used for making jewelry and ornaments. Nowadays it is most often polished into beads and cabochons.


Metaphysically speaking, onyx is believed to:

  • increase stamina and strength
  • soothe stress and tension
  • decrease the pain experienced at delivery of a child (place it on belly)
  • eliminate nightmares (place in under your pillow or bed)
  • protect from negative energy, especially experienced from so-called "energy vampires" (when you are around these people, they would drain you from all energy and make you feel upset, unworthy, sad or even sick)
  • help sort out past life issues
  • help make wise decisions.

Our Black Onyx is a 100% natural stone. Some pieces are smooth, while some are porous. Most of our stones are entirely black, but some would have white accents. Many Onyx stones on the market were dyed, ours was not. Also, it was washed with the use of only water, no chemicals. This is going to be the most powerful stone for your healing practices, it is exactly in the form given by Mother Nature.


You are buying 1 LARGE piece of Black Onyx from India.

Your stone will measure between 7 and 9cm (2.75 and 3.54 inch) and weigh 75 to 140g.

Should you be looking for a different size, please check our listings for MEDIUM and EXTRA LARGE Onyx stones.