Rainbow Fluorite Slabs. Work effectively in stressful and chaotic situations.

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Rainbow Fluorite Slabs.

This abundant and highly varied mineral is thought to be the best crystal for achieving clear mental focus - will bring about clear thinking, helping to see the big picture ♥ It allows your mind to work effectively in stressful and chaotic situations ♥ Useful when studying, doing research, writing an exam, or preparing and delivering a presentation ♥ Fluorite is a highly protective gemstone and can help overcome chaos.

Problems involving the ear, nose and throat region ♦ ADD/ADHD (aids Concentration) ♦ Arthritisbone disorders and broken bonesEating disorders ♦ HerpesLungs.


A: Weight: 162g / Length: 10.5cm

B: Weight: 128g / Length: 8.8cm

C: Weight: 116g / Length: 10.6cm


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