Pyrite crystal, Large

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You are buying ONE Large Pyrite crystal from Spain.

All crystals are NATURAL and unpolished. Some are perfect cubes, some would be clusters of 2 or more cubes. These crystals have some imperfections that are also natural. Size and shape vary, but you can expect your crystal to weigh between 37 and 48g, and measure on average 2.2cm/0.86inch. All crystals are beautiful.

PYRITE is a quite common mineral found around the world in different types of rock. It is also called "Fool`s Gold", because many has mistaken it for Gold, lead by its golden colour. Pyrite can have many crystal forms but the most common is a cube.  For its aesthetics, pyrite was and still continues to be a valued ornamental stone. In the past its shiny surfaces were even used as mirrors!

Metaphysically, these gorgeous crystals can be used for:

  • pushing you to act instead of staying passive, it will stimulate your abilities and potential, so you can focus on and finish projects,
  • protection from all types of negativity,
  • guarding against manipulation, control and criticism,
  • developing creativity.


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