Natural Prehnite from Morocco, Taza Fes-Meknes. Prehnite is a stone of inspiration and unconditional love.

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Natural Prehnite From Morocco, Taza Fes-Meknes. 

A - Weight 90g, Length 65.1mm

B - Weight 37g, Length 51.3mm

C - Weight 33g, Length 37.3mm

Prehnite - Healing properties:

Spiritual / Emotional: Serene mineral - stone of unconditional love ♥ A crystal to heal the healer ♥ Induces deep meditation in which the higher self is contacted ♥ Helps to enhance inner knowing ♥ Enables one to always be prepared – under any circumstances ♥ Calms the environment ♥ Brings peace and protection.

Physical / Psychological: An excellent stone to use in healing ♦ Addictions ♦ Bladder problems ♦ Body detox ♦ Energy balancing and restoring ♦ Glandular disorders ♦ Gout & kidney disorders ♦ Lymphatic System ♦ Urinary tract .

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral.

Good for: Those who find themselves always falling into the peace maker role – whether it’s at home, in the workplace or as their actual job. Anyone who loves and cares for someone in a difficult life situation or condition.

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