Natural Pointy Citrine Pendant, Gold-plated. 1 piece.

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Natural Pointy Citrine Pendant, Gold-plated. 1 piece.

Comes with black chain. 

Weight 2g, stone width 10.9-11.5mm. 

Citrine - properties:

Medieval Celts and Scots used Citrine as a protective amulet against plague, bad skin, and evil thoughts. It was also used to protect against the poisonous bite of Scotland’s only venomous adder.

Spiritual / Emotional: Associated with prosperity, success, and abundance ♥ Promotes optimism and encourages harmony in the home and work environments ♥ Said to help eliminate self-destructive behaviours ♥ Encourages the feeling of hope ♥ Promotes joy, good fortune, energy, and vitality.

Physical / Psychological:

Improves digestion ♦ Helps with kidney and bladder infections ♦ Detox agent ♦ Improves blood circulation ♦ Energy and vitality.

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Third Eye.

Good for: Financial advisors, those working in accounting, bankers, debt councillors.


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