Moss agate sphere

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Moss Agate Sphere. Beautiful polished stones.

Moss Agate is a beautiful stone that encourages peaceful temperament, lessens mood swings and helps to develop stronger will power.
It releases negative Karma and helps one to reach ones goals
Supports birthing process and attracts wealth and abundance

Moss Agate:
Supports digestion
Improves senses
Aids circulation
Helps recover after illness
Helps recover from addictions
Helps with depression
Detoxes the body
Supports birthing
Aids focus and concentration

Moss Agate is wonderful for people recovering after all sorts of illnesses, bodybuilders and other people working on their bodies, midwives, businessmen, investors, financial advisers, those on diets, expecting mothers, people going through financial trouble, those fighting depression and low self-confidence levels, people working on big projects

Weight: 197g
Length: 5cm

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