Moss Agate and Ocean Jasper Bracelet. Encourages joy, happiness and a peaceful temperament. Helps to develop stronger will power. 1 Piece.

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Moss Agate and Ocean Jasper Bracelet

Moss Agate Encourages peaceful temperament ♥ Lessens mood swings ♥ Helps develop stronger will power ♥ Releases negative karma ♥ Gives persistence and helps reach goals ♥ Supports the birthing process ♥ Attracts wealth and abundance ♥ Improves self-esteem.

Ocean Jasper is an amazing healing stone that encourages a feeling of joy and happiness ♥ These crystals help you to communicate more positively and lovingly


Length: 6.7mm beads

Please note: You will receive one crystal bracelet that will be similar to the ones photographed. Photos show typical quality. Each and every crystal is unique, so please expect variations in shape, size, colour and texture

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