Mookaite Jasper, 120g

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This listing is for 120g of raw Mookaite Jasper from Australia.

You are buying one to six stones that will weigh in total not less than 120g and measure between 3cm and 10cm/1.2inch and 4inch. It is a 100% natural stone, so please expect colour, shape and size variations. Some natural "imperfections", such as clay or pieces of rocks attached may also be present. All stones are beautiful, so you can easily display them to decorate your house.

Mookaite is a rare variety of Jasper found only in the Kennedy Ranges in Australia, near Mooka Creek (thus the name Mookaite). Mookaite is one of the most amazing varieties of Jasper, it can have many colours, from red, through burgundy, creamy, mustard-yellow, many shades of brown, white, ending on purple! Sometimes some fossils or black dendrite inclusions can be found in the stone; these pieces would be rare and would usually be cut and polished for jewelry.

Mookaite is a gentle crystal used for stone healing and meditation. Try it to:

  • increase self-confidence and self-worth
  • boost your immune system
  • reduce the process of physical aging
  • reduce high blood sugar
  • help conceive and support during pregnancy.

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