Massage Wands: Ruby in Fuchsite, Sunstone, Ruby in Kyanite

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Massage Wands

Massage Wands: Massage can put a lot of stress on fingers, hands, arms, and shoulders of the healer, using a crystal massage wand avoids this strain and stress. Depending on how they are used, massage wands / towers, points can focus the Universal Life Force with their unique energy structures to amplify or dispel energy in the body.

 Wands Available:

  • Ruby in fuchsite (green with pink dots), 135g 11cm/4.3inch,  
  • Sunstone (yellow/orange), 107g, 10.5cm/4.1inch,
  • Ruby in kyanite (purple-blue), 154g, 11cm/4.3inch,  

You will receive the exact wand in the picture.


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