Marble Jasper tumbled stone, 1 piece

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This listing is for 1 (ONE) picturesque Marble Jasper ( also known as Brown Jasper or Egyptian Jasper) tumbled stone. All crystals are beautiful and natural. Photos represent typical size and quality.
These Marble Jaspers are polished to high gloss, they are smooth and feel soothing when held in hand. They have irregular shapes, some might have some natural pores. Colours vary from white, through yellow, brown and orange to delicate pink. They are usually a combination of one or more colours.
The size of these stones is rather on the large side, they are bigger than 1 euro or 1 dollar coin; photos with a coin and hand for scale.
This is a grounding stone that will clear your aura and help you get rid of negative thoughts and energy, it will bring peaceful sleep free of nightmares. Brown Marble Jasper will also release stress and anxiety.