Larimar flat-back shapes, clarity and inner vision.

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Larimar flat back shapes

One of the cardinal Water element stones Larimar is an all round healing crystal and works with the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. It is believed to enhance and heal in a complete physical, emotional, mental and spiritual way. It cools tempers and calms fears, relieves stress and anxiety and nurtures both the physical and emotional body. As a powerful communication stone it allows the user to speak openly and truthfully from the heart. Larimar radiates all-encompassing healing, love energy, peace, clarity, inner wisdom and outer manifestation of desires and needs. It is a powerful meditation tool and wonderful for helping to release and uncomplicate negative emotional bonds that pull us down.


A:Weight: 8g / Length: 2.7cm

B:Weight: 12g / Length: 2.6cm 

C:Weight: 12g / Length:3.7cm

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