Large Lemurian seed quartz. Amazing power and history

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Lemurian Seed Quartz

First found in Brazil, it is part of the Master Healer Quartz, and is an amazing healing crystal, clears and activates the Chakra’s, removes energy blockages and teaches us that we are all connected and part of a greater unified consciousness and that we are all equal in Spirit. It helps us to keep connected with Spirit, and is a wonderful crystal to use in dream and meditation work

“Metaphysical Legend states that there was once an advanced ancient civilization called Lemuria, similar to Atlantis but more spiritually developed and peaceful. As the end of their time on Earth was coming to an end, the Lemurians programmed these crystals to teach their messages of oneness and healing - messages that would be revealed when the energy on Earth was ready to receive them. The Lemurians then planted (or “seeded”) the Lemurian Crystals, encoded with their ancient knowledge and wisdom, to be found centuries later by us”

A: Weight: 83g/ Length: 8.2cm

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