Large Blue Lace Agate tumblestone, 1 piece

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This listing is for ONE LARGE Blue Lace Agate tumblestone from Africa.

All crystals are natural and beautiful, they have gentle blue colour and white-clear-grey banding. The stones on average weigh 24g and measure 3.6cm/ 1.41inch. Please expect varieties in size, shape and colour- no two Agates are the same.

Blue Lace Agate is a stone:

  • bringing hope and happiness
  • of communication- have it with you when you need to speak publicly, or during oral exams
  • the stone of loyalty
  • the stone of inner maturity and self-consciousness
  • for expecting and new mothers- it will help avoid the "baby blues" and support lactation.

When not using for healing, let it shine as a great home decoration! Its soothing colour and gentle energy will fill your house with joy and happiness!