Large Blue Calcite Sphere. Soothes frayed nerves and lessens anxieties.

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Large Blue Calcite Sphere. 

Weight 643g, Length 76.8mm. 

Blue Calcite - Healing properties:

Spiritual / Emotional: This calming mineral soothes frayed nerves and lessens anxieties ♥ It is a wonderful stone to use when recuperating ♥ Facilitates physical and spiritual healing ♥ Clears negative emotions ♥ Encourages rest and relaxation ♥ Improves communication ♥ Relieves emotional pain and tension ♥ Eases overactive mind.

Physical / Psychological: Lower’s blood pressure ♦ Dissolve’s pain ♦ Soothes the nerves and relieves panic attacks and anxiety ♦ Heals joints and bones ♦ Balances the amount of calcium in the body ♦ Absorption of important vitamins and minerals ♦ Cataracts ♦ Laryngitis ♦ Aging process ♦ Eye infections ♦ Helps with an overactive mind ♦ Addictions.

Chakra: Third Eye.

Good for: People suffering from stress and anxiety, those going through difficult periods in life and those who cannot find peace. Public speakers, presenters, trainers, lecturers and teachers, as well as production staff.

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