Howlite double-terminated wand, 1 piece

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Howlite is a beautiful stone that usually has white or grey colour with grey, black or brown veins that create a pattern similar to a spider web. Howlite is sometimes also called White Turquoise, White Buffalo or Kaolinite. It is a decorative stone often carved or polished to make beautiful stone decorations. Howlite was first found in the 19th century in Nova Scotia by Henry How who was a mineralogist. Known occurrences of Howlite are in Canada, USA, Germany, Namibia, Mexico, Russia, Turkey and Pakistan.

Howlite is used in crystal healing practice for:

  • easing stress, anxiety and anger
  • fighting addictions and unhealthy habits
  • increasing self-confidence when there is lack of it, or decreasing it when being over self-confident starts to destroy relations and life in general
  • improving communication skills
  • stabilizing mood, and many other...

Our amazing and rare, polished, double-terminated Howlite wands are large and solid. They feel clean and waxy under fingertips. They all have similar size, on average they measure 7cm/2.75inch and weigh 40g. These are natural stones, so please expect variations on patterns, colours, shapes and sizes. All wands are beautiful.

You are buying 1 Howlite wand.

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