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Aura- coated crystals are either love or hate! Yes, they are improved but damn!- they are so pretty! 

Aura crystals are natural crystals that have been coated with precious metals, such as for example Gold, Silver, Platinum or Titanium. This adds on a whole lot of healing properties and intensifies the energy of the crystal. Many people would use aura crystals for advanced spiritual work, channeling, deep meditations and similar.

Aura crystals are coated when a crystal is locked in a sealed vacuum chamber, with precious metals and heated to 800 degrees. At this point the atoms of the metals will cover and attach to the crystal. The colour of the crystal depends on the metal used.

Most common colours are:

- Angel aura (white with rainbow reflections)/ rainbow aura- created by Titanium

- Blue aqua aura- created by Gold

- Pink/red Rose aura- created by Platinum.

And do you have any aura crystals already?