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Stones, precious and semi-precious, have been used for healing body and soul for a long time. The power of crystals continues to be appreciated by alternative healers, and recently has gained more popularity.

Stones used for healing purposes should be in their most natural form. While choosing the perfect crystal for yourself, try to listen to your intuition instead of focusing on the beauty of the stones. Healing with stones is a personalized process and the crystals used depend on the person being treated, their feelings, health and even the situation they find themselves in at a certain point in life. Open your mind and listen to your inner self, try to feel which crystals you feel attracted to, try to hear their calling.

We specialize in crystal wands; we have a good selection of the unique and rare. In this section of the shop, you will also find: crystal spheres, a great choice of natural gems, palmstones, worry stones, carved and natural crystals, and also tumblestones.

Please note: Crystal healing effect depends largely on personal beliefs. This method should never replace scientifically-based medical treatment and should be done in conjunction with it. Please contact your healthcare specialist for your particular needs.

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