Goldstone Mini Hearts. The stone of ambition. 1 piece.

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Goldstone Mini Hearts. 1 piece.

Dimensions: Weight approx. 10g, Length approx. 2.5cm. 

Goldstone is a manmade gemstone: legend has it that a group of alchemists trying to recreate gold were the first people to discover it.

Spiritual / Emotional: A gemstone of ambition and drive with a gentle uplifting quality ♥ A good deflector of unwanted energies therefore a wonderful protection stone ♥ A transmitter stone ♥ Can help you achieve your goals with persistence and determination ♥ No goal is too big or too small.

Physical / Psychological: Protects the centre of the body and so reduces stomach tension.

Chakra: Root, Sacral - aligns other chakras.

Good for: Chemists and pharmacists, project managers, scrum leaders.

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