Gemmy Amethyst Tumbles, 1 Piece

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Gemmy Amethyst Tumbles - Light purple 

♥ protective stone ♥ teaches how to access and follow intuition ♥ helps to focus and facilitates the decision making process ♥ enhances memory and improves motivation ♥ balances highs and lows and promotes emotional centering ♥ relieves stress ♥ aids selfnessness ♥ Helps overcome addictions ♥

⁂ headaches ⁂ migraines ⁂ dispels nightmares and supports good sleep ⁂ reduces eyestrain ⁂ balances hormone production ⁂ helps with swelling, injuries, burns and skin irritation ⁂ supports digestion ⁂

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown, Etheric

Good for: all artists, diplomats, negotiators and business people, gamblers, alcoholics, broken-hearted lovers, those fearing changes, students preparing for exams…


length 2-4cm


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