Garden Quartz Heart Pendant. Known as a gemstone that can embody the dreams and hopes of its owners. 1 piece.

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Garden Quartz Heart Pendant. 1 piece. 

Weight 6-7g, Heart Pendant size approx. 2.1cm. Crystal Heart size approx. 1.6cm. 

Garden Quartz, also known as Lodolite or shamans stone, are extremely powerful grounding stones, great for healing and restoration.

  • comes without chain
  • alloy metal, silver colour
  • clear crystals on the edge are glass
  • loop for chain (hole) width 4mm

Healing properties:

A wonderful deep emotional healing stone believed to bring loving energies to life.

Spiritual / Emotional:

Allows a gentle and quiet inner strength to help deal with all types of problems ♥ Connects you to the animal realm ♥ An excellent all round healing stone ♥ Cleanses the aura and one’s environment ♥ Encourages exciting and dynamic dreams.

Physical / Psychological:

Works on the thymus glands ♦ Stimulates the immune and energy system ♦ Helps to oxygenate the blood ♦ Protects the spleen, liver, and pancreas.

Chakra: Crown.

Good for: Vet, animal welfare workers, welfare officers, teachers.

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