Full Cut Agate and Quartz Geode. An amazing source of positive energy for you and your home.

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Full Cut Agate and Quartz Geode.

A - Weight 178g, Length 73.7mm 

B - Weight 196g, Length 77.1mm 

C - Weight 189g, Length 93.9mm 

Agate is sometimes called the earth rainbow because, many of its concentric bands contain almost every colour imaginable that can be produced by the earth, including a colourless form!

Agate - Healing properties:

Spiritual / Emotional: A grounding stone ♥ Soothing and calming ♥ Brings great strength ♥ Facilitates acceptance of oneself and builds self-confidence ♥ Encourages speaking one’s truth ♥ Overcomes negativity ♥ Heals emotions.

Quartz - Healing properties:

Spiritual / Emotional: Unconditional love ♥ Self-love ♥ Mother love ♥ Kindness ♥ Friendship ♥ Restores trust and harmony in relationships ♥ Calming and reassuring ♥ Helps with grief ♥ Protects against environmental pollution.

Physical / Psychological: Strengthens and balances the physical heart and circulatory system ♦ Hastens all types of recovery ♦ Reduces high blood pressure ♦ Aids chest and lung problems ♦ Heals the kidneys and adrenals ♦ Aids vertigo ♦ Energetic support for those with leukaemia ♦ Thought to increase fertility and protects both mother and unborn foetus from miscarriage.

Chakra: Heart.

Good for: People in relationships that need strengthening and nurturing, people looking for love, friendship bonding, expectant mothers, those battling grief, psychologists, mediators, midwives, priests.

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