Druzy Star Pendant. Wearing Druzy gemstones is believed to promote relaxation and stress relief. 1 piece.

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Druzy Star Pendant, either Rainbow Amethyst or Quartz (random piece). Golden or Silver. Comes with black chain. 1 piece.

Weight 6-10g, Star size approx. 3cm. 

Amethyst - healing properties:

Amethyst is one of the crystals with the widest range of properties! It supports overall health and can be used for almost anything.

Spiritual / Emotional: Protective stone ♥ Teaches how to access and follow intuition ♥ Helps to focus and facilitate the decision-making process ♥ Enhances memory and improves motivation ♥ Balances highs and lows and promotes emotional centering ♥ Relieves stress ♥ Aids selflessness ♥ Helps overcome addictions.

Physical / Psychological: Headaches ♦ Migraines ♦ Great for nightmares and supports good sleep ♦ Reduces eyestrain ♦ Balances hormone production ♦ Helps with swelling, injuries, burns and skin irritation ♦ Supports digestion.

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown.

Good for: All artists, diplomats, negotiators and businesspeople. Healing for gamblers, alcoholics, broken-hearted lovers, those fearing change. Students preparing for exams. 

Quartz - healing properties:

Spiritual / Emotional: Acceptance ♥ Emotional balance, healing and stabilising ♥ Friendship ♥ Harmony ♥ Joy ♥ Perseverance ♥ Reducing Stress or Tension.

Physical / Psychological: Dental pain and problems ♦ AIDS/HIV ♦ Burns ♦ Immune system support ♦ Heartburn ♦ Kidney problems ♦ Thyroid ♦ Pain relief ♦ Post-surgery healing ♦ Sleep ♦ Balance and health ♦ Vertigo ♦ Vitality.

Chakra: All!

Good for: Everyone! Doctors, vets, nurses, frontline medical workers. Any kind of healer or medical practitioner and anyone who needs healing.



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