Dented stone concretion/nodule, Ross Bridge, county Clare, Ireland

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Now, this is what you call an INTERESTING ROCK! This is a stone concretion/nodule, found in the rock formations near the Ross Bridge in county Clare (please, see the last photo) in 2017.

This rock is large and has a dented shape, when placed bump up, it makes a nice bridge- copying the one where it was found! We would never dare to break this superb rock, but if we did, we would most likely find a brown inside composed of layers of heavy iron.

This special stone will be perfect to use as home decor! Just imagine placing it on a cabinet, surrounded with other rocks and crystals, and maybe even serving as a bed for them.

The concretion measures approx. 14.5cm/5.7inch x 8.5cm/3.34inch x 3cm/1.18inch. Weight: 499g.

Please note the darker dots visible in the photos are raindrops, as the photos were taken on a rainy day in the forest.