Dark red Jasper wand with Quartz and Hematite from Ireland

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This Irish red Jasper wand has a look of marble- there are patches of bright red and dark red/brown, mixed with white Quartz and some silvery-grey Hematite inclusions. For sure you can`t call it boring!- there is just so much going on on the 4 faces of this lovely stone! Carefully polished by our Lapidary Master- Sohaib Karim, it is going to be a beautiful decoration, but also a great wand that you can use for healing practices and meditation. For those of you who have visited Dingle, it is going to be a superb souvenir that you will be able to take with just about everywhere!

Jasper comes from the Coleen Beach, Dingle Peninsula, county Kerry, Ireland.

Size (L): 5.2cm/2.04inch.

Coin for scale.