Cobalto Calcite from Bou-Azzer, Morocco. A stone of deep meditation, relaxation and peace.

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Cobalto Calcite from Bou-Azzer, Morocco.

Weight 212g, Length 78.8mm. 

Cobalto Calcite - Healing properties:

Spiritual / Emotional:

A crystal of unconditional love, joy and forgiveness, Cobalto Calcite helps you to open your heart to all kinds of love, compassion, healing and emotion ♥ A wonderful Valentine’s stone ♥ Helps to attract love and to give love…so the perfect stone when looking for Mr or Mrs Right!!! ♥ It is also a stone to help you through the darker times, when you are feeling emotionally vulnerable, unsafe, frightened or just down in the dumps ♥ Stimulates creativity ♥ A stone of empathy, allowing you to feel the pain of others whilst at the same time giving you a sense of gratitude and wonder for the world around you ♥ Works beautifully for emotional trauma, helping you to turn negative emotions and experiences into positive ones ♥ A stone of deep meditation, relaxation and peace ♥ Helps you to connect with the Angels!!!

Physical / Psychological:

Promotes healthy cellular development ♦ Helps to maintain general health ♦ Stimulates and helps digestion ♦ Energy and vitality.

Chakra: Heart

Good for: Artists, architects, performers, dancers, teachers, doctors and anyone in the medical profession.

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