Chlorite Quartz Chips - 1x50g bag. To detoxify the body and cleanse the aura.

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Chlorite Quartz Chips - 1x50g bag.

Chip size approx. 9-21mm. 

Spiritual / Emotional: Green Chlorite in Quartz contains powerful healing properties ♥ Cleanses the Aura ♥ Purifies a space at home or at the office ♥ Clears away chaotic and negative energies ♥ Forgiveness ♥ Can be used as an aid to prevent psychic attack.

Physical / Psychological: Great aid in all physical healing ♦ Detoxing aid ♦ Helps those with heart or lung issues ♦ Has been known to aid in overcoming cancer.

Chakra: All.

Good for: People who work in a toxic environment, people living with, or affected by, toxic or damaged relationships, essential tool for healers.


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