Caribbean Calcite Palmstone, for rest and relaxation, improves communication, and to relieve emotional pain and tension, 1 Piece.

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Caribbean Calcite Palmstone

Rest and relaxation ♥ improves communication ♥ relieves emotional pain and tension ♥ eases overactive mind ♥

Lowers blood pressure ♦ dissolves pain ♦ soothes the nerves and relieves panic attacks and anxiety ♦ heals joints and bones ♦ balances the amount of calcium in the body ♦ absorption of important vitamins and minerals ♦ cataracts ♦ laryngitis ♦ aging process ♦


A: Weight: 117g / Length: 7.2cm

B: Weight: 127g / Length: 7.6cm

C: Weight: 123g / Length: 7.2cm


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