Calcite and Quartz with Hematite inclusions from Germany

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This specimen is a part of a geode, it consists of two Calcite crystals sitting on a bed of clear to delicately reddish-coloured, small Quartz crystals, some of which are iron-stained. The Quartz has plentiful, tiny Hematite inclusions sprinkled unevenly all over it. All of this is set on top of a red-coloured limestone. It is a large and beautiful specimen, suitable for displaying. The Calcite is red UV-active.The base was cut so the specimen can be placed flat.

The specimen comes from the Bebertal Quarry, Haldensleben, Saxony Anhalt, Germany.

Weight: 288g.

Size approx.: 9.5cm/3.74inch x 7cm/2.75inch x 2.4cm/0.94inch.