Winter collecting in Cooleen, Co. Kerry

Winter collecting in Cooleen, Co. Kerry

Posted by Monika Razkova on 15th Dec 2017

November in Ireland is one of these months when you simply wanna dive into your duvets and pillows, cuddle a hot water bottle, and get out of the bed in March. The more to the West, the worse the weather- after all the West coast is exposed to the moods of the mighty Atlantic Ocean. November is the month when it gets cold, windy and wet; people take out their fluffy hats, scarves and gloves, and wrap themselves into warm jackets and coats.

My trip to Dingle was planned for Saturday. I had been waiting for that day as I simply missed the beach. It is so calming and relaxing to take a slow walk along the coast, listening to the sound of waves and seagulls, enjoying the fresh breeze, looking for pretty pebbles... I wanted to find some Jasper and Quartz, but most of all I wanted a day off. And on Friday it started snowing...

I got up in the morning ready to go, regardless of the weather. I received a message from my neighbour next door that her baby girl had chosen that day for her birthday, so I was all excited, happy and sentimental. A little concerned about the road conditions, I left.

I arrived to Cooleen at noon. I was prepared for rain, snow and wind, but Dingle surprised me with sunshine! It was pretty warm, there was no wind, and the Sun charged me with energy. A bit later some clouds gathered above my head, but it stayed dry and I had no reason to complain about the weather!

I decided to have a look at the rocks to the left and I discovered a few large, white Quartz veins. I examined the rocks closely and found a few places where I thought some crystals could be hidden. I was lucky enough, as the first two already revealed some small, but very beautiful "Kerry Diamond" clusters. The crystals I found were water clear, and that could be seen even through a layer of iron on them! It took me good two hours to carefully take out a few clusters: on my knees, bent to a side, with water dripping from the above rocks right on my head, and the fabric on my knees soaking wet. But who cares?! Well, I don`t :) When I find some crystals I forget about the world, in fact I didn`t even realize how wet and uncomfortable I was until I stood up! :)

I then realized it will soon be dark, so I went to the car to drop the stones and change the clothes. I returned to the beach and instantly found a few lovely Jasper pebbles, some dark red, some bright- the colour of a brick. The Jaspers from Dingle may have beautiful veins in different colours, from completely white to dark grey. Such beauties they are!

I also found some really interesting Quartzite pebbles and a massive chunk of Quartz with some Hematite on it. For those interested, green Chlorite can be found there, too!

The beach is not very big, but it is diverse, quiet and beautiful. In the distance you can see rocks sticking out from the water, and on the horizon- ships and boats. Steep cliffs are a great contrast to the sandy beach. It is a peaceful and family friendly place, great for a lazy weekend out!

When I returned home, I already had a new neighbour- little Emma was born! :D

Some of the crystals found that day are already listed for sale, some will be coming soon. If you are too impatient to wait, please contact us and we will show you what we have from that wonderful place!