Welcome to the world of Irish minerals and meet the Rocky Team

Welcome to the world of Irish minerals and meet the Rocky Team

Posted by Monika Razkova on 1st Dec 2017

Let us guess... You have been browsing the Internet for days in search for this special, Irish Quartz crystal that you could carry with you at all times, to remind you of your land, or the land of your ancestors.  No? OK, then maybe you have recently visited the Emerald Island and are looking for a timeless souvenir, a REAL piece of Ireland? Or perhaps you find Irish geology interesting and you`ve just decided to have a collection of Irish minerals? For whatever reason you are on a hunt for an Irish stone, we know you find it difficult and discouraging. And here is why...

Beautiful rocks formations at the Burren, county Clare. We love rocks, and they love us, too!

There are very few active mineral collectors on the island. We may even risk saying, that you can count them on fingers of your both hands. These people would mostly collect for themselves with no intention of selling, so in fact only a small number of specimens ever gets listed for sale! For this reason Irish minerals are rare on the market and valued by customers.

Wavellite from Laharran Quarry, Ireland

But here is great news! We at Rocky Road Minerals are bringing the world of Irish stones closer to you! We are a family business set by mineral lovers and collectors with real passion for rocks and endless enthusiasm. We never miss an opportunity to collect, so we are able to bring you great findings from a number of localities in most Irish counties. Our minerals are unique, rare, and colourful!

Hematite, quartz and albite from Owenahincha, Ireland

Welcome to Rocky Road Minerals, your Irish rock shop, and meet The Rocky Team :)

Monika, The Boss :)

Collecting in the field

Monika is mainly responsible for marketing and promotion, but she is also an enthusiastic collector who puts her heart into the job! She has been collecting minerals since she could walk, and she is an owner of a nice collection of Irish stones. Monika also writes a blog: click here.

Klaudia, Collector and Jewelry Designer

Collecting may sometimes give a thrill ;) High on the cliffs looking for quartz

Klaudia is the most stubborn collector in the world- she won`t eat, drink or sleep until she gets that crystal out! She also designs and makes most of our unique hag stone necklaces. We call her "a crystal nose" as she seems to have a 5th sense to sniff a well-hidden vein or pocket :)

            Martin, Collector

In the Mourne Mountains, collecting trip to the Diamond Rocks

Martin is here when the girls need a bit of a muscle to do the hard work :P Well, yeah, sometimes the rocks seem just all too hard. The is also the luckiest collector- he always finds the best bits, and this is exactly when he decides to have a snack!

Ewa, Collector and Accountant


Ewa enjoys beach collecting, so she would carefully select the best hag stones that would later be turned into jewelry. She also does the accounting and market research.

Huge, purple fluorite found in county Clare

Please, visit frequently if you would like us to take you to the trips with us, introduce you to the Irish geology, show you how we collect... We will also tell you all these things that we feel are cool and fascinating about stones. 

Welcome and enjoy!

Peacock Ore from Gortdrum Mine

Quartz points from Ireland