St Patricks Day Crystals for Good Luck and Abundance!

St Patricks Day Crystals for Good Luck and Abundance!

Published by Cheryl on 17th Mar 2021

What a stroke of luck that you have come across this blog today of all days……..OR IS IT?

The dictionary describes luck as “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own action ”. But seeing as it’s St Patrick's day, lets just assume that the Leprechauns and Celtic Fairies have brought you to our website very much NOT by luck  but instead by design!

So today we thought we’d talk a little bit about St Patrick's day and a LOT about the crystals that could bring you “The Luck of the Irish” and all the good fortune and abundance that comes with it.

St Patrick is best known for being the Patron Saint of Ireland and for bringing Christianity to its emerald pastures. St Patrick's day is celebrated every year on March 17 th thought to be the anniversary of his death, and is a national holiday in both Ireland and Northern Ireland, but celebrated around the world by many Irish immigrants and fans of the green Isle. According to traditional and historical teaching, Patrick was born somewhere in The UK (Scotland, England or Wales) to a Christian family towards the end of the 4 th century, however there is no formal proof as to whether he was of Celtic or Roman decent. It is said that he was kidnapped and enslaved by Irish raiders at the age of 16 and taken back to Ireland where he was held captive for six years. Patrick managed to escape to England, where he joined the church for religious instruction becoming a missionary and then returned to Ireland where he established monasteries, churches, and schools and famously converted the Irish to Christianity.

You may be surprised to find out that green was not always the colour of Irish Identity – the saint's official colour was "Saint Patrick's blue," a light shade of sky blue and it is thought that the colour green probably dates back to the 18th century, and Irish independence.

There are some fascinating legends attached to St Patrick, the most famous being that he drove out all the snakes from Ireland. At the risk of popping this magical bubble, scientists seem to agree that there probably never were any snakes in Ireland to begin with, because of the icy temperatures and the surrounding ocean. It is more likely to be a long passed down story in which he drove the pagans out and brought Christianity in. Which would strengthen another legend in which he used the native Irish three leaf clover as a teaching aid to explain the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). The shamrock is still a symbol of Irish unity, and luck to this very day.

Bizarro Comics

In the very early stages of St Patricks day, the celebrations were very sombre and serious, involving prayer, meditation, lots of quiet time and ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL to be had anywhere!! Today however, it has become a much more raucous affair, celebrated throughout the world with Irish music, food and of course lots and lots of Guinness. Parades, street parties and pub crawls are common place in Ireland and around the world on the 17 th March (pre covid of course!) with one of the biggest displays of patriotism involving turning the Hudson river in the USA green every year!

It is fitting that our St Patricks day blog includes stones that abound with the energy of abundance, joy, happiness, good fortune and good ol’ Irish Luck!!!! According to Edward T. O’Donnell, an Associate Professor of History at Holy Cross College, the phrase “The Luck of the Irish” originated from the fact that during the gold and silver rush years in the late 19th century the most successful and wealthy miners were Irish or of Irish descent! So they have been natural rock and mineral collectors for a very long time! The word "luck" comes from the Middle Dutch word ‘luc’ which means “happiness or good fortune.” (

So without any further ado, let’s get to the stones that offer us the possibility of this good fortune and prosperity:

Tiger Eye Hearts

Tiger eye is one of the most well-known and commonly used stones to bring money, success and abundance. It helps to encourage you the user to build confidence so as to allow you to achieve your goals. A great stone for giving you the courage and ability to recognize your talents AND your faults. It helps to control excess anxiety and fear, so as to make decisions with a calmer and more centered mind. It also has a wonderful ability to draw helpful people, situations, and material things your way – to be in the right place at the right time with the right people so to speak.

It is said to help the user focus and perfect their analytical skills – a great tool for anyone wanting to get ahead in life.

Sterling Silver Emerald Ring

Beautiful Emerald is seen as a symbol of love and good fortune and is often used to encourage abundance, growth (both spiritual and material) honesty and patience. It’s a wonderful stone to keep around you if you are needing to make important financial decisions, as it surrounds you with the energy of prosperity, peace and harmony, allowing you to see the bigger picture. A great stone for investors, buyers/procurers, painters, musicians, and those struggling with difficult financial decisions.

Selenite Palmstone

Selenite has an extremely powerful vibration and attracts purity and honesty to it, encouraging you to be honest with yourself and others and to make the right decisions. It’s a great stone to have in the work place as it inspires honesty, openness and truth: qualities so important for a successful business and solid, dependable business relationships. It’s also very useful to carry on you when going for a job interview, as it helps with clarity of mind and sound judgment when needed. An all round great stone to have in your collection when dealing with anything financial!

Amazonite Chips

Amazonite is well known for its amazing ability to protect against electromagnetic pollution within the environment. Things like microwaves, cell phones, TV’s and computers are all related to financial success and abundance so it’s always good to have a stone that grounds and protects you in your arsenal of healing crystals.

It’s a very lucky stone, helping to balance the Yin and the Yang, so bringing your universe into balance and making all things right. A stone of courage and truth, Amazonite helps the user with their focus and mental clarity which is one of the stepping stones to success and abundance.

The Deep End

Citrine is one of our most powerful stones associated with prosperity, success and abundance. After all it was used by the medieval Celts and Scots as a protective amulet for anything harmful, most especially as legend has it to protect them against the poisonous bite of Scotland’s only venomous adder. And if they could carry on wearing kilts in battle with poisonous adders slithering around in the tall grass, then their citrine crystals must really been doing the job!

Natural Large Citrine Sphere

Citrine is also said to help eliminate self-destructive behaviours and negative patterns encouraging the user to try different methods and new ideas on their path to enlightenment and success. It encourages and promotes feelings of optimism, hope, joy and being grateful for one’s good fortune.

An important ingredient for success and abundance is energy, drive and vitality - Citrine has this in truck-loads!!!!

Due to the fact that it encourages harmony in the home and work environments it is a great stone for financial advisors, those working in accounting, bankers and debt councilors.

Green Aventurine Mini Spheres

Green Aventurine is a comforter and heart healer. It is a powerful protector of the Heart Chakra and is used to clear and activate it for general well-being and emotional calm. It’s all about abundance on the inside, so as to achieve abundance on the outside. It also provides a shield to prevent others from “tapping in” to your treasured energy bank.

Stunning green aventurine promotes harmony, regeneration and new growth, and so by default attracts good luck, opportunity, and abundance. Due to its powerful heart healing, it helps with anxiety, calms oversensitivity to situations, and heals emotional trauma. All the things that stand in the way of a happy, fulfilled and joyful life. As a matter of fact, it develops a wonderful sense of confidence, optimism and motivation in the user and with its intense energy and vitality it automatically fills you with inspiration, energy and tenacity to achieve whatever version of prosperity and abundance is important to you.

So all that’s left for us to say is.... Happy St Patricks day….may your day be filled with abundance, joy and plenty...... 


(With thanks to Bizarro Comics and The Deep End for cartoon references)


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