Spring Fever

Spring Fever

Published by Cheryl on 27th Apr 2021


Spring officially started on 20th March in the Northern Hemisphere…although here in Ireland and indeed in most of the top half of the world, it’s been a slower start to this wonderful season than we would have liked.


And of course with covid restrictions, things are always a little upside down, so the delay in the warmer weather has everyone feeling a little off balance. The world never stops turning though, which means that even though it doesn’t seem like it, spring and summer are on their way and it will soon be time to get out there, soak up the sun and manifest as much abundance as you possibly can!!! 

There is always  just so much beauty around at this time of year, everything suddenly becomes greener and brighter. 


Flowers are in bloom and fruits and vegetables start to ripen. Daffodils, lavender and honeysuckle entice the bee's, birds and insects out and it’s a time for us all to open our hearts, minds and bodies to connect with each other and the world around us.  Spring is a wonderful time to start again, to rethink old habits and begin a new chapter. With the increased sunlight, warmth, fresh air and the longer days, our energy levels start to lift, and we naturally begin to feel more positive, energised and happier. It’s a time to reassess, to possibly make much needed changes, or to embrace what we already have…a time for renewal, personal growth and development, but also a time for lots and lots of FUN!    

So lets talk about the crystals that you can use this spring to help you embrace all the changes that are taking place in the world around you and the world inside you! There is no absolute scientific proof that crystals can be life changing, but remember that they have been part of the earth for millions of years and so contain its amazing energy, mysticism and life force.  Holding crystals, placing or wearing them on your body and having them placed around your environment when you are in the right frame of mind and ready to embrace all the energy and healing that they have to offer, simply must have a positive effect on the user, as their energy interacts with the body’s energy field or chakra. I know I certainly am open to any part of Gods creation that might have the ability to rid my body and mind of negative energy and lavish me with physical and emotional healing. So I say, bring on Spring and summer and the crystals that compliment these beautiful seasons!


FLOWER AGATE has a beautiful soft, passionate feminine energy that encourages you to follow your dreams and live life to the full. It reminds us that we start out as seeds and can blossom and grow into our full potential. It promotes grounding, a deep connection to nature and helps bring out your green thumb if you intend to get going in the garden this spring. A perfect stone to surround yourself with during springtime as it helps you to enjoy the experience of the physical plane and all the beauty that nature has to offer. And it's a great physical relaxer! As we start to feel more energised and alive with the onset of Spring, Flower Agate also helps to enhance analytical brain function so improving concentration and focus allowing you to get all those things done that you put off in winter.

Used by the Egyptians, MALACHITE is the stone of fertility, vegetation, and nature, so it’s another great stone to have in your spring collection. Believed by some to still be evolving, Malachite is thought to have the potential to be one of the most important healing stones of the new millennium!   


Malachite is a powerful protection stone and encourages growth, abundance, and transformation. It reminds us that with the healing capabilities of nature, earths elements and the higher power that created them, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE and that you have the ability to be your best you at all times! Malachite grounds spiritual energies with the planet and is a wonderful protector against electromagnetic pollution and radiation, keeping our physical bodies healthy and safe. This amazing stone brings balance and harmony to all things, and on a physical level is said to boost the immune and nervous systems, balance mood swings, and can even be a great help during menopause! With the weather heating up, Malachite would be a great addition to any "mature lady's" collection.

CITRINE is associated with prosperity, success, and abundance promoting optimism and encouraging harmony. It warms, cleanses, and energizes you and the environment around you. The perfect stone for Spring, Citrine is said to possess the energy of the sun, filling a space or individual with light and warmth, encouraging the feeling of hope and new beginnings, joy, good fortune, energy, and vitality.


Another wonderfully protective stone, Citrine is believed to help turn negative energy into positive energies and is said to help eliminate self-destructive behaviours allowing you to let go of bad behavioural patterns. It has been referred to as “The Merchants Stone” opening you up to abundance, prosperity, and infinite possibility in your life. If your garden falls in the back left corner of your house, add Citrine to bring vitality and abundance to your plants and finances! 

Spring is a great time to get back on track with that healthy eating plan so stock up on lovely fresh fruits, vegetables and lots and lots of water. Citrine would be a welcome addition to any health conscious collector's menu as on a physical level it is believed to be a great detox agent, helping to improve digestion so energising the body and mind.  

Hardened and fossilized tree resin from ancient trees rather than an actual mineral, AMBER is known as a gemstone which glistens and glows beautifully when polished and it’s soft energies bring a gentle connection with the earth. With an appearance like crystalized sunlight Amber connects the user with the warmth and energy of the sun and the delights that all of nature has to offer. It cleanses the chakras and is a natural purifier, absorbing negative and stagnant energies, transforming them into clear, warm, joyful, and positive energies.


Amber draws out pain and disease from the physical body, as well as pain of the mind and spirit and just like the healing properties of the sun it stimulates the body's own mechanisms to heal itself. Amber just seems to embody that feeling that we get when lazing in the sun, taking time out of our day whilst the warm rays of pure vitamin D envelop and heal us from the outside in. 

If you're looking for something with exquisite depth and power, ARAGONITE is a solid and dependable grounding stone attuned to Mother Earth. It is a stone believed to be aligned with conservation and the preservation of nature and its rich energies help to keep the user connected to earth, nature, the seasons, and everything in between. Aragonite brings peacefulness and contentment whilst balancing the emotional and spiritual body. 


It helps one to heal emotional wounds and teaches self-love and how to release fears. It has been said that Aragonite is aligned to the nervous system as well as the immune system and by association may offer the user vitality and stamina, just in time to get those energy levels ready for summer. Aragonite is also believed to help with the joints and muscles and offers healing for all the aches and pains associated with arthritis. 

It has long been believed by arthritis sufferers that the cold wet weather experienced in winter is to blame for increased pain and discomfort in the joints, so some warmer weather and adding Aragonite to your crystal collection  will go a long way in helping with this condition. 


The last stone for this weeks blog needs almost no explanation as to why it made the list….. SUNSTONE is connected to the energy of the sun and can help to clear and re-energise all the chakras in the body, giving the user the fresh start associated with spring time. 


The healing energy of the sun is nothing short of a miracle, and as all crystals are filled with life giving universal energy, it is no different for this lovely orange, pinky, peach stone, with hints of white reminding us of a gentle warm sunset, or fresh crisp sunrise. Just like a beautiful sunny day Sunstone works wonders for our energy levels, emotions and moods and is believed to be linked to wonderful luck and good fortune. Keeping Sunstone close by helps the user to combat and deal with fear  and stress, replacing them with positive thought patterns. It seems to have the ability to just bring out the best in people and encourages independent, intuitive, and original thinking allowing one to move forward with energy, drive and confidence.

So, whether you are going to completely change direction this Spring, or steadfastly stay on course, make sure that you get out there and enjoy everything that mother nature has to offer. You may choose to go for a relaxing walk, ride a bike, swim in the sea, tend to your garden, eat a delicious salad, catch a fish or run in the rain, but never ever stop smelling the flowers or embracing your crystals!

With thanks to BizarroComics.com / Deligne, Eagle Cartoons.com / John Wagner, Maxine.com / Jeff Stahler, GoComics for cartoon references.


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