Hag Stones and Fairy Stones

Hag Stones and Fairy Stones

Published by Cheryl on 13th Aug 2020



Hag Stones or Fairy stones are basically any type of stone that has a natural occurring hole right through it and which by your very possession of it has sacred, spiritual or magical powers. The stones are literally created by nature, due to the stone crashing together along a sea or riverbed. The action of running or moving water rushing past and then through the stones causes the erosion that creates these unique holes.


The beauty and power of Hag stones also known as Fairy Stones is made even more wonderful if you find one yourself, rather than someone giving it to you, or buying one. But no-matter how you find your Hag stone(s) they are wonderful additions to your crystal collection.


Most Hag stones are found in dry riverbeds or on beaches. Many people find them hard to come by and it is said that your Hag stone or Fairy stone will find you…imagine my surprise when the day after I started to write this blog, my youngest daughter found 8 stones on the beach after just 5 minutes of searching. Or rather the stones found her….I’ve always said she was a fairy child.

The intrigue and uniqueness of these stones has for centuries made them a focus of folk magic, myth and lore, where they've been used for everything from protection to fertility spells, finding fairy folk or seeing into the future, to warding off negativity in all shapes and forms. The names for the rocks vary by country and region, but Hagstones, also known as Fairy Stones, Odin Stones, Holey Stones, Witch Stones, Adder Stones, Snake Eggs, Hex Stones, Holeys, and Eye Stones have been viewed as magical across the world for thousands of years.

The reason they are so sought after and valuable is that they are believed to be an amazing protection amulet. Due to the fact that it is widely believed that magic cannot work on moving water, Hag Stones became immune to the effects of magic whilst they were being created. The stones however retain water’s powerful and beneficial influence and so can be used as a protection shield.

Depending on your own beliefs, and also where you live there are various main uses of Hagstones which include:                                                                  


  • Healing and banishing of illness: to help bring health & prosperity. It is said that someone wearing a Hag Stone around their neck will be cured of ANY disease or affliction. You can also rub a healing stone over a wound or painful area on the body to ease the pain and aid healing. They also help to regenerate your energy. The “Red Bull”of the crystal world, they can refresh your body, mind, and spirit with healing energy.
  • Protection: tie them to anything you would like protected. If you are lucky enough to have a few tie them together for a magical boost to their power. They were said to offer protection for people, livestock, property and business, from physical, spiritual and metaphysical danger. Ironically they were used by witches for many years during spell work but also to protect against and counteract those very spells. Legend has it that they can be used to ward off the dead, curses, sickness and nightmares and just about any negative force. A common place to hang them is over windows and doors or your bed before going to sleep to help protect you against nightmares. Livestock owners would use the stones to protect their animals from danger or bewitchment: A stone would be suspended by a cord in the centre of each stable to protect the horses and other livestock. It was even said to prevent the farmers cow from giving sour milk or the hens from refusing to lay the eggs.Fisherman and sailors would tie the stones they found on beaches to their boats to keep off evil spirits, witches and sirens from affecting their ships and their catch. It was commonly believed and feared that evil spirits and witches would curse ships to have small catches, or to run aground on the rocks…. A Hag stone would prevent this from happening. A few stories tell of them being able to control the winds on the high seas; or the more powerful stones could even control the weather!


  • To see Fairies– Legend has it that if you close one eye and peer through the hole in a fairy stone with the other, you will be able to see into the Kingdom of the Fae and will encounter creatures that you cannot normally see, such as "elementals" and Fairy folk. The stone aids the user in “seeing” and allows them to discover invisible creatures of the “Land of the Fae” opening up a window to other realms. If you are lucky enough to have a fairy stone, wear it around your neck when you are out in nature looking for fairies. Cover it in morning due, to help fine tune your fairy finding skills! If the fairy stone was found in or near the ocean, looking at the water through the hole may help you discover Sea Sprites, Mermaids and Mermen. If your fairy stone was found in a forest, it could help you connect with Tree Spirits or wood nymphs.

Other uses of Hagstones include:

  • Warding off the spirits of the dead,
  • Fertility Magic - lovers would gift them to each other as a pledge or romantic invitation, with the biggest stones often taking pride of place in their homes. Some believe that Hag Stones represent the sacred vagina of the Goddess and can be used to create powerful love spells. They would insert a stone or stick sized to fit exactly into the hole, make a love request, and throw the connected pair into the sea. What better way to bind lovers for eternity!
  • Pledge Stones – allowing the bearer to know for certain if someone is telling the truth or not.


  • They are referred to as Adder Stones in some parts of the world, because they were believed to protect the wearer from the effects of snake bites.

Whether you believe in the mythical power of Hag Stones or not, you can’t help but feel a sense of mystery, ancient energy and wonderful intrigue when you hold one of these beautiful, natural weather beaten stones in the palm of your hand. There is something deeply fascinating and enticing about a stone with a natural hole which when peered through could lead you to another world, a brighter future or an enchanting little creature, never seen before.

Bottom line is that if you can get your hands on a hag stone, treasure it and treat it like the sacred, fascinating object that it is.



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