Crystals for Mother's Day

Crystals for Mother's Day

Published by Cheryl on 13th Mar 2021


Its not breaking news to learn that our mothers (and fathers) play an incredibly important role in our lives which is why it’s so important to set aside time to celebrate these amazing people and the things that they do for us.


Today we will be talking all things “mummy” and reminding ourselves and our lovely moms how much they mean to us.

Mothers do so much for their children. They give us life and carry us for nine months, and then once we are born they play an essential role in our critical physical, emotional and psychological development. Interestingly the word for mother around the world and in almost every language begins with the letter 'M' or is some variation of the 'ma' sound. Scientists have learned that the first thing a baby can vocalize is the 'ma' sound, so the concept of mother is related to a child’s very essence and ability for speech and communication.  

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Not surprising considering the fact that mothers are pretty much superheroes with everything that they accomplish! They feed and clothe us, give us love and comfort, help us learn essential skills for life, and usually continue supporting us long after we leave home and become an independent adult. Which is why many of us still have great relationships with our mothers well into our adult lives. The models that your mom provided for you when you were growing up even had the power to shape your expectations of what to look for in romantic partners, friends, and colleagues as an adult. Now that’s a pretty powerful relationship to have!

All human beings need love… in some ways, we want it as much as, or even more than, our basic needs like food and water, and there isn’t much that our moms wouldn’t do for us! The different ways in which our mothers respond to our wants and needs can shape our entire lives, including how we feel about ourselves, how we interact with others, respond to strangers and situations, and explore the world around us. This plays an enormous role in how we learn and grow throughout our lives and shapes the people we will become later on in life.

Mother’s Day is the one designated day of the year to say thank you to our mothers for being this amazing influence in our lives. It gives us the chance to show our mothers how wonderful they really are and how grateful we are that they are in our lives.



Historians have traced Mother's Day back to Ancient Greece where spring celebrations were held in honour of Rhea, the goddess of fertility, marriage, women, childbirth, and family.

In 1870 American writer and poet Julia Ward Howe suggested a Mother's Day to recognize peace, protest war, and celebrate the unity of mothers throughout the world. However despite her hard work it was Anna Jarvis (who had no children of her own) who campaigned for a national day of observance for moms, in remembrance of her own mother, Ann Jarvis, managing to get Mothers day on the map and so it became a designated holiday in 1914. Interestingly enough, within a few years Jarvis became disgusted with how commercial the day had become and so tried to petition to have the holiday removed (clearly without much success!)

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So Mothers day is now celebrated in almost every country of the world, and on different days around the year. Much to Anna Jarvis probable dismay, Mother's Day is now the third highest selling holiday for flowers, plants, gift giving and dining out worldwide! In fact, its been said to be the busiest day of the year in the restaurant industry with some 80 million adults eating out (which tops even Valentine's Day). It’s the easy way to let mom off for the day and not having to cook yourself! Unfortunately due to covid and subsequent lockdowns, 2021 will see a lot of kids and dads having to get back into the kitchen and dust off the old oven gloves! 

RRMDid you know that around approximately one quarter of all the flowers purchased worldwide throughout the year are bought for Mother's Day? However the most popular gift for Mother's Day is the greeting card…..and of course a crystal from Rocky Road Minerals, the BEST crystal shop on-line!

So here's what we suggest this Mother's day...


Selenite has a powerful vibration, believed to help connect you with the angelic realm, and so is a wonderful stone to calm and cleanse frazzled energy. It helps to reflect pure white light into any environment which is a useful trait for any mother as her influence over people and their surroundings is so vital. It helps to attract love and gives the user strength of character and encourages reconciliation – another great skill for any mom! It is thought to be great for fertility and pregnancy symptoms, supports the bones and tendons as they take on extra pressure and is wonderful for the nervous system, helping pregnant moms to ground themselves in calm and quiet.

RRMAmethyst is said to promote and support deep, restful sleep…so if you’re only going to buy mom one crystal this Mother’s Day…make sure its Amethyst!!!!

It’s one of the most wide-ranging crystal healing gemstones known to man and is a superpower stone for all moms for almost anything!!!

A protective stone, it teaches how to access and follow intuition and helps the user to improve their decision-making abilities .  


It is said to enhance memory – so no more crazy moments helping mom find her keys at the last minute!!! Amethyst improves motivation, emotional centering and relieves stress by balancing the highs and lows of everyday life as a parent. It reminds mom to take a step back, relax and look after herself.

On a physical level Amethyst reduces eye strain and helps with those nagging headaches or migraines and as mentioned earlier supports good sleep and can even help minimize nightmares! It balances hormone production, so is great for women of all ages. And any mother would love to have it in her arsenal of medical supplies as it supports digestion and has been said to help with swelling, injuries, burns and skin irritation.


Clear Quartz This pure energy crystal is considered the “Master Healer” and can do almost anything including amplifying the properties of your other crystals .

Clear Quartz provides the user with acceptance of oneself and of others, emotional balance, joy and perseverance. It is a healing and stabilising stone helping to reduce stress and tension and is a wonderful stone for enhancing harmony within friendships.

As Clear Quartz is a master healing crystal it works pretty much on any condition including dental pain, burns, immune system support, heartburn, kidney and thyroid issues, pain relief, post-surgery healing, sleep, vertigo and all round vitality. I don’t know any mom who won’t benefit from all of that!!!!!


Black Tourmaline is another wonderful stone for mom. In fact, its qualities resonate beautifully with those of a mother as it is a deeply grounding stone helping the user to remain positive in daunting situations, something a mother does naturally all the time! It also provides connection between the earth and the human spirit and so helps in understanding oneself and others. Just like a good mother Black Tourmaline encourages empathy, promotes self-confidence, banishes fear and doubt and encourages compassion, tolerance, happiness and prosperity. So, you can see why it’s a real Mother’s Day stone!


Carnelian is a protection stone which also offers stability, and vitality. It’s no accident that most of our Mother’s Day collections are strong and powerful grounding and protection stones. Show me a mother that’s not!!!

Carnelian is said to encourage the user to become more fearless and courageous in all that they do. It stimulates creativity, restores vitality and motivation and promotes positive life choices.


Physically it stimulates the metabolism, improves circulation so helping to reduce varicose veins. It helps with hemorrhoid's and skin irritations, and is great when suffering from lower back problems, rheumatism and arthritis.


Last but not least Angelite, the stone of acceptance, encourages all mothers to have compassion and understanding for their downfalls, and to love and accept themselves for who they are without guilt or self-judgment. Another stone that helps to keep us in contact with the angelic realm, it is a soothing, peaceful and uplifting stone that helps to create a deep feeling of peace and tranquility. For mothers, nurturing others is second nature and they do it often without a second thought. Caring for themselves however is something they are not used to doing, but is vitally important for their health, happiness and balance. Angelite will help to remind your mom to slow down, take a deep breath, pause and enjoy the moment.

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So, make the most of this Mother’s Day and tell the mom in your life just how special she is today and throughout the year! It’s not about the presents or the cards, but the words and the hugs and the time spent with her.

From all of us at Rocky Road Minerals we would like to wish you a …..

Happy Mother’s Day

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