Crystals for Easter

Crystals for Easter

Published by Cheryl on 25th Mar 2021


So Christmas and New Year are pretty much a distant memory now, with Easter just around the corner filling our minds with ideas of new life, reawakening, rebirth, and second chances…..and boy could we all use some of that at the moment!!!!

CardfoolWhether you are a practicing Christian or not, most people love to give and receive at least one delicious chocolate treat on this special feast day, and for those who believe, Easter is the most important celebration on the Christian calendar. A day when people celebrate the concept of new life, new beginnings, and hope against all odds with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. His death by crucifixion on Good Friday and then his resurrection 3 days later on Easter Sunday celebrates the defeat of death and the hope of salvation. Christian belief teaches that Christ died to save humanity from their own sins, and that by his death and resurrection we too are redeemed and made new. Easter gives us hope for the future, belief in forgiveness and joy, and the knowledge that all is as it should be.

Clip art

The Easter egg and the Easter bunny are less theologically based than the Pascal (Easter) story and have roots in pagan and Christian thinking. The egg was believed to be used in pagan spring festivals as a symbol of birth and new life. In Christianity the egg is a symbol of Jesus’s resurrection as he emerges out of and breaks free from the tomb on Easter Sunday, much like a baby bird breaks free of its shell when it is born.

Easter Bunny Jokes PAASThe story of the Easter Bunny has roots in 1700 America with German immigrants bringing a fabled egg laying bunny called “Osterhase” with them on their travels who laid colourful eggs (which later included chocolate eggs and candy treats) in little baskets that the children made. Later in the 19th Century the thinking was that rabbits were a symbol of new life and plenty due to the size and frequency of their litters.

By combining the regenerative concepts of the egg, egg laying bunnies and candy we have the perfect opportunity to indulge ourselves in all the Easter treats that we have come to know and love, from chocolate shaped bunnies and eggs filled with candy to magnificent slabs of chocolate and confectionary in every conceivable shape and size. The downside is that this leaves us in every conceivable shape and size! So if you’re looking for a different kind of treat this Easter time that wont put extra strain on your waistline, and will leave you feeling invigorated, energized, renewed and full of new life then we have some stunning stones to share with you this Easter.

Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring

A powerfully energizing and regenerating stone, the Garnet crystal balances your energies helping you feel grounded in and connected to the present moment. Sometimes energy blockages within our bodies keep us from our natural state of joy and vitality, Garnet revitalizes and unblocks those energy flows bringing a new refreshing energy, serenity, AND passion to everything that you do. A useful stone to have in a crisis, it’s a wonderful motivator for courage and hope in the face of seemingly hopeless situations…what better message this Easter!

On a physical level it works hand in hand with the heart and circulatory system and helps to remove toxins on all levels.

Vesuvianite palmstones

If we had to choose one word to describe our next crystal, it would be JOY! Vesuvianite goes straight to the heart of your emotional pain. It helps to lift depression and restore joy, peacefulness, and gentleness while at the same time helping to eliminate hate, envy and jealousy allowing the user to achieve unconditional love – for others and for themselves!!!!

By helping to digest and assimilate the nutrients from the food that you eat Vesuvianite helps to balance and clear the digestive system, which is a huge step in feeing healthy, energetic and joyful! It has also been known to relieve stress, anxiety, and claustrophobia attacks.

Dendritic Opal Tumbles

A delicate stone with a fine vibration Dendritic Opal is a wonderful crystal to promote, hope, growth, strength, and endurance. It helps to balance and synchronize all the bodies internal chakra’s, promoting inner vision, perspective, clarity and strength of character. It encourages personal growth and aids in accessing and expressing one’s true self, enhancing one’s knowledge of self-worth. It has been described as the fire of the human spirit because it is closely related to passion, love and joy! Another stone that helps to soothe the digestive system…..are we seeing a trend here?

Stunning Sterling Silver Ocean Jasper, Emerald and Citrine Pendant

Petrified coral combined with other ancient sea life , Ocean Jasper is an amazing healing stone that encourages a feeling of joy and happiness, bringing calm and harmony to your home, school or office. These crystals help you to communicate more positively and lovingly with others, allowing people to see the real you. As a result, it helps to enhance your feelings of personal power, creating awareness of your effect on other people as well as of your own capabilities. It has a beautifully soothing energy which helps you with the knowledge that you can manifest a beautiful and happy life by thinking positive thoughts. What you give out….you get back!

Ocean Jasper helps with the elimination of toxins and helps to balance the digestive system in order to prevent bloating.

Crazy Lace agate Palmstones

A wonderful general healing stone, Crazy Lace Agate is commonly referred to as the "laughter stone," or "Happy Lace."

A neutralizing, calming, balancing, and protective stone, Crazy Lace Agate promotes joy, happiness, and a feeling of all round well-being. It is believed to boost vitality, energy, and stamina, helping to recharge the body’s batteries. It’s also a cleanser of major organs especially the pancreas and lymphatic system, helping to strengthen blood vessels. So, it’s no wonder that this stone can give you an all-round feeling of new life, hope, refreshment and revitalization. Whilst doing all of this, it’s also absorbing emotional pain, inner anger, bitterness, and negativity in the background giving you a clean slate to work off. And on top of all of that it promotes excellent motivation to help support creativity and imagination.

Very Flashy Labradorite Towers

Our last stone for today is Labradorite, a highly mystical and protective stone, and often dubbed “The bringer of light”Labradorite has long been associated with spiritualism and life’s journeys and has been said to raise one’s consciousness helping to connect with universal and heavenly energies. It balances and protects the auras whilst at the same time grounds spiritual energies allowing the user to keep focused on their spiritual goals.  On a physical level Labradorite stimulates the brain, relieves anxiety and stress, regulates the metabolism and ……yes, you guessed it aids digestion. It is said to be excellent for strengthening your intuition and connecting you to your higher power allowing you to hand over and let go. Once you have achieved this anything is possible! Labradorite is a wonderful stone for people going through life changes and those looking for more possibilities, opportunities and new beginnings…..isn’t that what Easters all about?

Whether you eat your own weight in chocolate this Easter or surround yourself with calm loving crystal energy ( or both), we wish you a peaceful, blessed and joyful Easter time, filled with hope and the promise of wonderful things to come.....


(With thanks to Cardfool, Easter Bunny Jokes PAAS and Quoteswishesmsg for cartoon references)


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