Blue Baryte crystal information

Blue Baryte crystal information

Published by Dani and Monika on 13th Jul 2022

Blue Barite is a beautiful crystal that forms flowery-like shapes. It has become a bit rarer due to the fact that the main mine located in Morocco has stopped production of mining specimens. While it can be found in other locations, most frequently in the USA, the quality can be lower. Good formation and grade of this wonderful crystal can get quite expensive.
As a result we are delighted to have these specimens in and provide them at a low price.

Our Blue Barite/ Baryte specimens come from two mines, San Jorge and Teresite both located in the Murcia sector in Spain. They will be available to purchase via Instagram @rockyroadminerals on Friday 15/07/22 and if there is anything left, we will upload it to the website at a later stage. 

What is Blue Barite?
Commonly called spar. Barite is normally opaque in colour but in some cases can be white, yellow, grey, brown or in this case- rare blue.
It's a crystal with a rhombic structure, commonly with luster. This crystal is a sulfate of Barium. Barite might look fragile and delicate but it is actually a quite stable crystal. It sits at about 2.5 to 3.5 on the Mohs scale which makes it relatively soft. It is a heavy crystal which is its distinctive feature; it actually gets its name from the Greek word "barus" which translates to "heavy".

Uses of Barite
Barite has many uses in the modern world. It's used in geotechnical engineering as weight for drilling muds.
It's used to weight items like paper, rubbers, and even clothes. Uses commonly in mud flaps and playing cards.
The most known use of it however might be in X-Ray as a shield. 

Spiritual use of Barite
Blue barite like many blue Crystal is great for our throat chakras allowing us to communicate easily and effectively.
In the past Barite was actually used by women to heal the wounded so it's really no surprise why it is said now to heal conditions like PTSD, as it calms and soothes.

It's actually a wonder one for opening the 3rd eye and awaking your intuition. Its helps by calming our nerves and creating an almost meditative state for us. In this moment of rest we let go of trauma and heal from the fear it held us in. By letting us finally let go of these emotional weights we release our pains and power on towards our future. It's a memory stimulating crystal also so an ideal one of someone is hoping to create something in their lives.

It brings us healing and clarity, unveiling our true purpose in this life. Blue Barite is said to even awaken any psychic abilities for those who use it. This can be a great aid for those who feel like they are being guided but are unsure on their purpose in life. It can break down the walls we spiritual might of made or bring forth the lessons we may need to undertake as part of our journey.

A wonderful one for taking radiation away from us so is commonly used by those recovering from the effects of chemotherapy or any radiation therapy.

Another fantastic use for it of course is chronic pain relief helping with conditions that effect our bones and nerves from misfiring. As it's a soothing crystal its effects can work wonders on those who have fibromyalgia, arthritis, EDS, and HSD letting them rest up, heal and recover from flair up days.

How can we use this crystal
The best ways to use this crystal are by wearing it. Around the wrist for calm thoughts, or around the throat for communication.

Putting it under your pillow or by your bed will help you have more informative dreams about your purpose or heal trauma that causes nightmares.

Indeed you can also place on your 3rd eye. This method works best for those who with to work more with the whole power of this specimen. This includes the vibration helping us rise our consciousness and frequency.

Regardless of how you use it for those in need of trauma healing or chronic illness or just needing guidance towards there goals this one gets the Rocky Team stamp of approval. A fantastic specimen to add to any collection.