• Garnet for January

    19th Jan 2021

    Garnet for January

      HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR WONDERFUL CUSTOMERS, READERS AND SUBSCRIBERS!!!! Here’s to a fantastic, healthy and successful 2021….or at least a slightly better one than last year!!!…

    Published by Cheryl

  • Crystal Shapes

    10th Nov 2020

    Crystal Shapes

    When we go shopping for our much-loved crystals and gemstones, we are usually most drawn and attracted to their beautiful colours and often think that this is the most important part of our deci…

    Published by Cheryl

  • Cleansing Crystals

    15th Oct 2020

    Cleansing Crystals

     Why do we need to cleanse our crystals? In our day to day lives, we need to keep ourselves and the things around us clean…we wash our clothes and our dishes, we clean our house and our cars…&…

    Published by Cheryl

  • Feminine Energy Crystals

    30th Sep 2020

    Feminine Energy Crystals

    Did you know that The Divine Feminine is not about the feminist movement? Rather it is about something that we are all naturally born w…

    Published by Cheryl

  • Clear Quartz

    15th Sep 2020

    Clear Quartz

    Quartz is a stone made up of silica and oxygen and is one of the most common minerals in the Earth’s crust. It develops in a wide range of environments and can be found on every continent….. And th…

    Published by Cheryl